Frequently Asked Questions




Your support of United Way of Kenosha County is the most powerful investment you can make in our community.  No other single organization has the scope, expertise, and influence to bring together so many human services agencies, government, businesses, private foundations, and dedicated volunteers around a common vision of creating maximum impact and achieving long-lasting results.

Making a gift to United Way is the most effective way to help our whole community.  Our unique ability to work across complex issues with hundreds of community partners is unmatched. 

We mobilize volunteers and convene partner agencies, corporations, community leaders, and policymakers to make board, systemic changes like no other organization can on its own. 

Our programs help people in crises get back on their feet, help prevent future problems, and build a stronger community for all of us.

United Way focuses on our community's most serious problems through strategic investments in education, financial stability, and health.  Through in-depth research, United Way community volunteers and staff determine which agencies' programs can best address these critical focus areas.  

United Way's Board of Directors approves funds annually based on priority alignment, program effectiveness, and agency fiscal responsibility.  Volunteers monitor agencies and programs to ensure that United Way invests only in programs that produce positive results through agencies that manage their money responsibly.  

United Way of Kenosha County is run by a volunteer board of directors compromised of community leaders and partners living in the Kenosha County area who are interested in creating community solutions.

United Way Worldwide is a global service organization that provides services and support to nearly 1,800 local, independent United Ways across the world.  United Way of Kenosha County has its own 501(c)(3) certification, is independently governed by a local Board of Directors and pays dues to United Way Worldwide.  Money raised in our region stays here, supporting local programs and helping local people. 

Donations made to United Way's Community Fund make the greatest difference and help the most people.  United Way monitors results to ensure the programs are making an impact.  You can be certain your money is well invested.  

Since your employer will no longer be providing a paycheck from which to deduct your pledged amount, your contributions will end.  Your pledge does not automatically get routed to your new place of employment or to your home address.

If you change jobs or are no longer working, please call us at 262-658-4104 or contact us.  At that time, you can decide whether you are able to fulfill your original pledge.  If you have switched jobs and your current employer runs a United Way campaign, it is possible to set-up payroll deductions through the new employer.

Donors have told us that one of the most significant benefits of personal giving is the feeling of being part of a collective effort to solve problems and make a difference in their community.  That sense of community involvement comes from joining with fellow employees to support United Way at their workplace.

It's not the size of the gift - it is all of us giving together that makes United Way a unique and powerful concept.  Every donation matters!  Over 50% of donors give $100 or less annually.

Volunteer Wisconsin is your source for volunteer opportunities with United Way of Kenosha County and nonprofit organizations throughout our area. Volunteer Wisconsin is brought to you by United Way of Kenosha County, United Way of Wisconsin, and Serve Wisconsin. 

We all advocate informally when we talk about what's important to us.  With United Way, you can also do a bit of formal advocacy by speaking out on issues that affect the whole community.