Born Learning

United Way of Kenosha County knows children are constantly learning, right from birth. To help adults turn a simple park visit into an early learning opportunity, the Born Learning Trails offer multiple activity stations with fun, interactive learning games that parents, grandparents and caregivers can play with young children. The trails are an educational strategy to boost children’s language and literacy skills — a valuable community resource for early learning.

Work on school readiness begins well before Kindergarten. With the right support, children will become healthy, capable and powerful learners. Want to learn more about preparing your child for Kindergarten? It's never too early to start! 

Kenosha's First Born Learning Trail Installation and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

United way of Kenosha County installed Kenosha County's first Born Learning Trail in August 2021 and held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on August 26, 2021. Take a look below to see how the installation and ribbon cutting ceremony went. 

 Born Learning Trail Young boy painting Born Learning Trail Young man painting Born Learning Trail Father and Son Hanging Sign Born Learning Trail Volunteers  Born Learning Trail Little Girl and Mom on Trail                           

Born Learning Trail Ribbon Cutting           Born Learning Trail People on trail after Ribbon Cutting

The Born Learning Trail at Columbus Park was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Educator's Credit Union.

Educators Credit Union

Interested in sponsoring a Born Learning Trail?  Contact us at or call 262-658-4104.