NEW Kindergarten Readers Are Leaders Tutor Application


NEW Readers Are Leaders Kindergarten Volunteer Tutor application

The training session for the Kindergarten Volunteer Tutors will be held in January.  If you are a new tutor, please register for the session on our Events Calendar page.  

Complete the entire Tutor application and the KUSD Background Check Form.  Please note that we cannot consider your application without the KUSD Background Check Form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or call 262-658-4104.

Thank you.

Please do not add dashes or periods.
Please do not enter dashes or periods
If there are no languages outside of English you are comfortable speaking, please list None. If you speak a language other than English, you may be able to use those language skills as a tutor.
Please note that Wilson will only offer Kindergarten tutoring from 9:30am-10am Monday-Thursday.
I understand that in providing my services as a volunteer with Readers Are Leaders Tutoring Program, I will respect the confidential nature of the knowledge I will gain concerning the academic performance, behavior, and personal information of the children with whom I work. If a child tells me something or I notice something that may indicate his/her safety is at risk or he/she is in emotional distress, I will report that information to my supervising teacher, site coordinator, school principal or office staff.
I will not initiate contact with the children with whom I work or their families outside of the school or program setting to which I have been assigned.
United Way of Kenosha County may take photographs or videos of participants, individually or in groups, attending or taking part in United Way programs and activities. These images, in original or modified form, may appear in future United Way publications and/or publicity, including print, web and video productions. Anyone who attends or participates in a United-Way-hosted event or activity authorizes the use and reproduction of any photographs taken during the event, without compensation by United Way. The opportunity or right to inspect or approve any such images or recordings is waived. If an individual does not wish to be photographed or videotaped, the person must notify the United Way staff to that effect. Permission for usage is assumed for any photographs submitted to United Way by an individual or organization. All images and files shall constitute United Way property, solely and completely.
I understand that the criminal background check submitted to United Way of Kenosha County is in accordance with the Kenosha Unified School District Policy 4332. The background check will be submitted, processed, and approved or denied by Kenosha Unified School District who will inform United Way of Kenosha County of the decision. To review the policy, please visit
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