Board President

JP Moran, Board President

General Manager, LMI Packaging Solutions

Growing up playing many different sports from a very young age, to playing college baseball, onto an entrepreneurial path in fitness and real estate, to currently working in the corporate manufacturing world.  One thing has always been clear.  The importance of successfully working with teams and being kind to people, no matter their position, title, background, etc. 

I believe we all need to constantly remind ourselves to check our egos at the door, and remember that we’re all a part of something, much bigger than ourselves.  The United Way of Kenosha is an example of just that.  We all have an opportunity to help:  help our young kids learn, help organizations through volunteering, help change mindsets.  That’s just scratching the surface of the many opportunities we have available, in support of our community, through the United Way of Kenosha.