Community Starrs

How the Starr Group is Helping United Way of Kenosha County

Good things don’t happen by accident. The Starr Group Insurance & Risk Solutions understands the challenges we face: energizing communities, mobilizing volunteers and funding our mission. Because of that, they’ve created “Community Starrs”, a one-of-a-kind donation program to provide a steady stream of donations to our organization with the help of the community...and YOU.

For every combined home and auto policy they write for anyone affiliated with our organization, The Starr Group will donate $50 to United Way of Kenosha County in the first year. The Starr Group will donate an additional $25 in the second year, as well. What’s more, they’ll do the same for all policies referred to them by any of our affiliates.

The Starr Group also makes donations based on Commercial Insurance and Employee Benefit premiums as well. In the first year, they will donate 10% of their commission on any Commercial Insurance premium over $25,000 and/or on any Employee Benefit premiums over $50,000. The Starr Group will donate an additional 5% the second year.  

The Starr Group knows we’re busy helping the community, training volunteers and running our organization. They’ve made it easy for us to protect those assets as well as fund our mission. Every affiliate is eligible to help our mission through the “Community Starrs” program.

Whether you’re an internal employee, board member, volunteer, an extended family member, friend or donor, you have the opportunity to be a “Community Starr” too!  Visit our Community Starr page for more information.