Community Partner Spotlight

Community Partner Spotlight: Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency, Inc. (RKCAA)


June 2019

Agency Name

Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency, Inc. (RKCAA)

Agency Mission

RKCAA’s mission is to improve lives by providing quality programs and innovative solutions for individuals and families. RKCAA’s pillars of focus are: Health; Housing; Asset Attainment; Nutrition and Food Security.

United Way-funded program

RKCAA's Dedicated Dads Program uses a two-pronged approach for father engagement: Increase Father Involvement at WIC visits and Father Specific Education & Support. United Way funding supports the father-specific programming which includes weekly Power Hour classes and 1:1 case management to address specific needs, more in-depth support and referrals for low-income fathers.

Program Highlights

RKCAA launched Dedicated Dads in July 2015 as a result of initial funding from United Way. Programming has expanded and become more tailored to meet the unique needs of dads whose partner or child is participating in Kenosha WIC. Through increased participation in WIC appointments and visits, fathers are more engaged in all aspects of WIC programming resulting in improved knowledge of their child's growth and development and nutritional needs. Dedicated Dads provides father-specific programming with weekly Power Hour classes where lively conversations are held on topics such as co-parenting, child development, financial health, anger management and father engagement.

How does the United Way funding help your organization achieve its mission?

Father Involvement is central to healthy children and healthy families. Fathers who are active in their children’s upbringing can significantly benefit their child’s early development, academic achievement and well-being. United Way funding supports RKCAA’s mission to build on WIC services by offering additional programs and initiatives to strengthen Kenosha families.  

How can volunteers get involved? 

RKCAA has numerous events and activities throughout the year where volunteers would be a welcomed addition.  Those interested in volunteering can contact RKCAA – Kenosha at 262-657-0540 and ask for Pam.