Community Partner Spotlight

Community Partner Spotlight: Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS)


Kenosha Human Development Services  

November 2019

Agency Name

Kenosha Human Development Services (KHDS)

Agency Mission

Kenosha Human Development Services is a community partner supporting people to live productive and healthy lives.

KHDS provides public, individual, and group care for anyone living in the greater Kenosha County area. We believe that providing the opportunity to learn new skills, in the least restrictive way possible, whether that be living independently or in a group care facility, can help people become and continue to be productive members of our society.

United Way-funded program

KHDS Rapid Rehousing Programs (formerly known as Transitional Housing Program)

Program Highlights

The Rapid Rehousing Programs serves those in the greatest need. The intake into the program include strengths and needs, life skills, social/family history, mental health and AODA screening and an individualized service plan.

Case workers provide the individual with job readiness skills, group and individualized life skills training, budgeting and connection to other services and support networks all delivered to participants at whatever stage of change.

How does the United Way funding help your organization achieve its mission?

United Way funding helps to provide for rent subsidy for those in need, bus tokens so people can get to their appointments and places of employment, skills training so those in need may learn to be good tenants and neighbors, and on-going support and encouragement to help them maintain their housing.

How can volunteers get involved? 

KHDS has several individuals in need of household items when they move into their new apartments. Donations of household items and furniture are always welcome. Additionally, storage space for these items is needed so the free use of warehouse space would be most welcome. For other volunteer opportunities for this program please call 262-764-8555 and ask for Lisa Haen.