College United

College United

When people engage with United Way of Kenosha County, they bring their passion, skills, and vision to our efforts, focusing their sights on the greater good of Kenosha County.  Together, we can accomplish far more.  All of us bring a unique perspective, experience, and enthusiasm to the cause, and that diversity is the wellspring of innovative solutions we need to affect positive change on a large scale.  

Welcome to College United, where passionate student leaders are committed to improving lives and strengthening communities.  College United Way is a student-led community change organization that addresses critical education, income and health issues in our community.  Student leaders improve peoples' lives, develop leadership skills and join the growing United Way movement of giving, advocating, and volunteering on campuses and in the community. 

What can you give?  

An hour a week?  

A dollar a month?  

Your ideas?  

Your leadership?

Help us reach our vision of a Kenosha County where everyone can succeed in school, work, and life.  

How It Works

Each higher education institution in Kenosha County will:

  • Have their own student-run College United with leadership comprimised of students from that particular institution 

  • Meet regularly with their College United group and United Way of Kenosha County to work on volunteer opportunities and other ideas to better the community 

  • Each College United leadership team of the four institutions will meet quarterly to brainstorm joint ideas to work together on and joint events that will better Kenosha County  

Benefits of Joining College United 
  • Fantastic resume builder with letters of recommendation possibilities

  • A fun way to gain valuable volunteer service hours

  • Give back to the community and truly make a difference in the lives of others

  • Gain netwroking access to local business leaders and students of other institutions in Kenosha County

  • Learn more about the community and the needs that exist off campus

To get involved, email Tara Panasewicz at