Campaign Kickoff Event

United Way of Kenosha County is a smart investment that delivers results with programs that help people every day and by working on the underlying causes of problems for a better tomorrow. To kickoff our campaign season, United Way of Kenosha County holds an annual Campaign kickoff event where we share information about about community, how United Way of Kenosha County is making an impact, and gives attendees an opportunity to network with others that are making a difference.     

Annual Kickoff

The 2022 Campaign will launch in April 2022. Resources and Information will be updated prior to event.

Our focus for our yearly event is to kickoff our Annual Campaign and celebrate over 95 years of making an impact in Kenosha County. 

In 2019, we heard from celebrity guests on how United Way of Kenosha County has impacted them.  The "Live with Dr. Jeff Hill (Herzing University) and Tim Mahone (The Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund) Show" begin promptly after lunch and was a great show.