Nearly 1,000 United Ways are partnered with FamilyWize in all 50 states to lower the cost of medicine by distributing free FamilyWize prescription drug discount cards. These free discount cards are for all employees, as well as their family, friends, neighbors in our community and across the country. The discount card doesn’t make the medicine free, but with savings up to 75%, it’s real help, right now.

How the Card Works

  • Average savings: 35 percent, about $20 per Rx

  • Anyone can use it: employees, family or friends

  • No registration, activation or paperwork necessary

  • Accepted at 60,000 pharmacies nationally and 28 in Kenosha County

  • Covers all FDA-approved drugs

  • No cost to United Way, employers or card holders

  • For more detailed information about how FamilyWize can offer these discounts click here.

  • Frequently Asked Questions


For Employees Who

  • Opt out of the medical plan

  • Aren't eligible for benefits; part timers or new employees

  • Have HSA and High Deductible Plans

  • Need medicine that is not covered

  • Have a family member or friend without coverage

Where To Get A Card

You can download a card by clicking on the link below, or pick one up from the United Way of Kenosha County Office at 5500 6th Ave, Suite 210, Kenosha, Wisconsin 53140. *NEW* Text "Family" to 700700 to receive a card on your phone.

Kenosha County Savings To-Date: $1,505,639 in savings and the program has helped more than 13,000 community members!